Instagram Accounts

In today’s generation Instagram is the perfect place to meet new friends, like minded people or someone that’s been through a similar tough time to you. All three of the accounts below have some very powerful content for both grievers and supporters so i hope you check them out and give them a follow.

Let’s Talk About Loss

Talk about loss run peer-led meet up groups in cities across the UK for young people aged 18-35 who have been bereaved at any stage. They belieive that by meeting other young people who have experienced loss, that people can share there struggles without fear, judgement or awward silences.

The Grief Gang

The Grief Gang is the account behind the podcast. If you have read my welcome post you will see this mentioned. Amber Jeffery talks to people that are experiencing grief in many different ways and uses the Instagram to reach out to people with some very powerful posts.

Grief Tips

Grief Tips is a platform where the creator shares there do’s and don’t on how to support grieving people from her own experience of how the people around her acted after she lost her brother.

Reach me on The Girl with Grief’s Instagram.

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